Monday, June 17, 2013

Pirate Crew of Cthulhu

My week 3 assignment for Nate Wragg's course, 'Character Design for Animation' over at the CG Master Academy.

Tried not to include too many pirate clichés with these guys, hence the lack of parrots, hooks and skull and crossbones.

Loving the course so far - five more assignments to go!



  1. Deffo another particularly good one.
    Especially like the bendy arms and old photo presentation, the lighting, that cannon, the slight glow separating them from the background and the "Jelly Jamm" hair!
    Hope you're chuffed with it.
    Seems like you pushed the character designs as far as you could without anything falling apart.
    Quality work!

  2. Cheers Tom.

    This was also an experiment in coming up with a fast, but realistically lit rendering style. It was somewhat successful but I think I have to accept that there are no shortcuts to good lighting!

    Happy with the character designs though :)