Monday, June 03, 2013

Percivile the Impatient

My week 2 assignment for Nate Wragg's course, 'Character Design for Animation' over at the CG Master Academy.



  1. Great work Sir Smith! Had a look at Nate's stuff- reminds me of Mike Yamada (who I'm absorbed by at the moment). These guys seem to really have the knack of efficiency. Sir Percivile seems a blend of that old-school style and your own. The sharp edges seems to really land impact to the strong silhouette and that textured "paint-roller" terminator line looks really cool. I'm wondering how you do your cast shadows- something I'm learning the importance of at the moment. I'm starting to think as long as they don't look wrong they're right enough. Looking forward to seeing more as your course progresses.

  2. I love Mike Yamada's style, I keep meaning to buy a set of his Zoom Zoo playing cards.

    I achieved the sharp edges by blocking in all the colours with the pen tool, which is super tedious but perfect for smooth, clean curves.

    I agree with your cast shadow comment, they can make or break a realistic lighting scheme. Here's how I do it the cheat's way;

    1, Duplicate the silhouette of the character and block it in solid black
    2, Transform it into the desired position, keeping perspective in mind
    3, Correct any obvious inconsistencies to match with your casting light source
    4, Increase the softness of the edges of the shadow the further it gets from your casting object (I use field blur in CS6 - it's great!)
    5, Add a layer mask to your shadow and gently reduce the opacity of the whole thing, restoring darkness to the areas where your casting object meets the ground to simulate occlusion.

    Might do a proper tutorial one day.